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Engineered by a science teacher, tested and approved by students and parents!


The Locker-Rite "Pivot-Leverage" design (patent pending) takes advantage of the frame design of the typical locker maximizing the usable space.  Our modular stacking design allows the user to create the best fit for their organizational needs.


Shelf platforms and leg pieces are all interchangable for simplicity of installation.


No tools, screws or connectors are needed to securely assemble the Locker-Rite shelving module into place.


Locker-Rite believes in environmental stewardship with a eco-friendly, "green" material selection. The base material is made of composite sustainable recycled wood product.  The color coverings used are removeable contact material that is easily replaced and was chosen over paint or other solvent-based covering processes to make the manufacture in our facility free of environmental impact.


Locker-Rite shelving modules have been weight tested to comfortably hold up to 150 lbs of material.



Locker-Rite Beats the Competition

Take Control of Your Locker

Simple Installation

The Locker-Rite retail model is available for the single user that wants a simple straight forward solution for locker organization. Available in a variety of colors.

Locker-Rite retail models can be customized  to give your locker a personalized look. Color combinations can be combined with graphics to make your locker space special. 

Locker-Rite also offers an institutional fundraising option that makes it possible to offer end users a locker organization product that is specifically designed to meet their needs. 

Locker-Rite Satisfaction Guarantee: We want to be sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the fit and function of our product.  If you are unhappy with our product we offer a full refund within 90 days of purchase.  We offer a replacement guarantee If your Locker-Rite product fails within one year. 

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