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Please contact us if you have other questions about our product or installation


Q. How do I know or measure my locker dimensions (depth and width)


A1. If you don't have a measuring tape, here's an easy way to get an approximate measurement.  Hold a piece of plain white paper (printer paper) with the longer dimension going left to right Inside the locker, it will fit with just a little room in a 12 inch wide locker. Rotate the paper so the long dimension goes from the back wall to front of the locker.  For a 12 inch locker, the paper will almost reach the door front.


A2. Using a measuring tape, follow the directions in the photos below:


















Measuring the DEPTH and WIDTH of a typical locker:


Q. I'm having trouble with installation. What can I do?


A. Installing your Locker-Rite shelving is simple as one, two, three. In most cases, installation problems are related to debris stuck in the door frame channel. Make sure this space is completely clear. For details and full installation instructions, see the instructional video's:
















If the videos or the instructions that came with your unit still don't solve your problem, please contact us A.S.A.P.  We want your total satisfaction and will make sure your installtion works.

Standard Unit Installation


"Tablet-Safe" Installation



Q. Why do the "Packaged" kits require a "Customizing" charge for different colors?


A. Our active research (student feedback) suggested that the standard colors offered with our packaged kits were most wanted.  In order to sensibly bring our product to market at this time, we have pre-packaged these kits only in Royal Blue or White to keep the cost to the customer as low as possible.


Q.  Why do I have to pay extra for colored leg pieces when purchasing single units (not packaged)?


A.  Our active research (student feedback) identified that the leg color is not visible in many applications and therefore we offer the option of a leg piece color to keep the end cost to the customer as low as possible.


Q.  How many shelves should I get?


A.  This is really based on the application of our product.  For example, a middle school student with a 6 foot locker would most likely benefit most with a 3 unit package like the "A" kit we offer.  Care should be taken when deciding on how much shelving and which combination of shelving units will be needed so enough room remains for backpack, coat etc. 


Q.  What are "risers" and how do I install them?


A.  "Risers" are included with Locker-Rite shelving to make them adaptable to your storage contents:

Why risers?


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