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Our company, Locker-Rite Products was conceived of after experiencing more than a decade of locker organization disasters and jammed locker doors in the hallways of the middle school I teach in.  Initially I was critical of the students ability to maintain a reasonably organized locker, but eventually realized that the key problem wasn't the intentions of the student, but more so the product they were using to organize the space.  From collapsing wire and plastic shelving to products that consume as much space as they organize, nothing that I saw parents and students utilize worked well.  My motivation can be traced back to 2011 and one student who needed help almost daily getting the folders, spiral notebooks and text books in and out of the collapsed and bent shelving in her locker.


Having spent a career in engineering before entering my current career of 18 years in science education, I knew that a research-based approach to fully address this problem was needed.  Using a random population of students in the school where I teach, I began a two year study on what the students wanted for their locker organization.  The research revolved around 3 prototype designs that students were given to test over a number of months. Resouce teachers involved in helping students with identified organizational challenges were also involved as it offered a working organizational system that could be standardized for their students. Using feedback from students, teachers and parents, the "Pivot-Leverage" design (patent pending) provided everything the students wanted:


- Functional space sized to meet needs

- Greatest amount of usable space

- Quick and easy installation

- Choice of colors to give a personalized appearance


While the key target for the design was school lockers​, the functionality crosses over into any locker storage application.


R. Polidoro / Owner

Locker-Rite Products LLC




Locker-Rite Satisfaction Guarantee: We want to be sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the fit and function of our product.  If you are unhappy with our product we offer a full refund within 90 days of purchase.  We offer a replacement guarantee If your Locker-Rite product fails within one year. 

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