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Customizing Your Purchased Product

Customizing is only available for Packaged Units . Customizing includes one (1) large decal (8x10), two (2) small decals and choice of shelf/leg color combinations (see samples below).  At this time we offer a limited choice of pre-selected custom themes that you can choose from when ordering (more in the near future).  You can also opt for sending us your own graphic files that we will print and apply for you.


You may choose to request ONLY the optional colors /color combos without graphics (save $1.00).  As we continue to improve our product website, we will soon update this customizing webpage to make your custom requests more automated.


At this time,  custom orders will not be shipped until confirmed by phone.

Contact us to confirm your custom order


When ordering Choose "NONE" for your graphics choice if you only want the optional colors (save $1.00)

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